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会员 Renewal

Stay current, connected, and effective in your financial profession. Renew your membership each year to take advantage of member benefits, demonstrate your commitment to ethical investment management, and continue to strengthen the industry.

Renew Your 会员

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Reasons to Renew Your 会员

  • open book icon Expand Your Knowledge

    Equip yourself with resources that help you face complex investment challenges and track your progress against your goals with our Professional 学习.

  • Build Relationships Icon Build Your Network

    Access other professionals through conferences, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

  • certificate icon Maintain Your Designations

    Regular membership is a requirement for using the CFA® 和CIPM® 名称.

Let's Strengthen Our Markets

Get involved with a member society and connect with other financial professionals who are driving change in their local markets.

Explore the CFA Society® Community

Do You Qualify for Professional Leave?

Changes in your career path or personal circumstances shouldn't prevent you from maintaining your membership. We offer Professional Leave to members who have been active for at least five years (years do not need to be consecutive) and are not currently working in a full-time position where they are engaged in professional activities that qualify as acceptable work experience.

In response to COVID-19, we are relaxing the five-year active membership requirement for Professional Leave for the 2021–2022 membership year. If you have been a member for fewer than five years, are currently unemployed, and/or are not working in a full-time position where you are engaged in professional activities that qualify as acceptable work experience, you may be eligible for Professional Leave status and a reduced membership fee, from USD275 to USD100. The Professional Leave option is available only to current members or those who have been members in the past. New members are not eligible for Professional Leave status.

Professional Leave is available for the following circumstances:

  • Change of profession (outside of the investment industry)
  • Family, health, personal matters
  • 失业
  • Full-time student
  • 退休

If you meet the requirements for Professional Leave status, update your membership status with us, and the reduced rate will be reflected in your transaction the next time you renew your membership. Society rates vary by society.

Request Professional Leave
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